What is the state flower of North Carolina ?

The North Carolina State Bird is the Cardinal, the State Flower of North Carolina is the Dogwood and he North Carolina State Tree is the Pine Tree. You can get your hands on beautiful flowers like these from the best flower shop in raleigh nc.

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North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Virginia to the west and Tennessee to the north. The culture of North Carolina is one of the most diverse in the country. A combination of American and Native American roots, it is one of the most cosmopolitan in the country. North Carolina is well known for its warm, friendly and neighborly culture. The state has been nicknamed "The Tar Heel State" and its constitution is the oldest in the country. This state is full of historic sites, museums and galleries.

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North Carolina is known for beautiful wildflowers. The state is filled with flowers of all shapes and sizes. Flowers in North Carolina can be found from the mountains to the coast, from the coast and inland.

State flower of North Carolina :

Flowering Dogwood a native to North America, is the official flower of North Carolina. It was adopted by the North Carolina general assembly in the year 1941. Flowering Dogwood grows in abundance in the state of North Carolina, from the shore to the high mountain tops. This blossoming tree was chosen as North Carolina's official state flower for its widespread presence across the state. According to history, the word "dagge," a pointed wooden tool, was made from strong wood and was referred to as "dag" or "dagwood" in Old English. 

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What does flowering dogwood look like:

Dogwoods have a lovely, rounded umbrella-like growth form. There are several trunks or short trunks emerging slightly from their tier-like branches. Their white "flowers," which in fact are bracts, modified leaves with tiny blooms in the center, appear from late March or early April through early May. These bracts are replaced by sparkling green leaves in the summer. Crimson red berries appear in the fall, and the leaves take on a reddish-purple hue. The silver, textured bark is what draws attention in the winter. This flowering dogwood has around 12 species, some of which are;

Mountain Dogwood - 

The medium-sized mountain dogwood is an evergreen tree that tolerates dry, shady environment and drought really well. It is often regarded as the flowering dogwood's western twin.

Pagoda Dogwood - 

One of the relatively few dogwoods with leaves placed alternately rather than in opposing places on the stems is this plant, also known as alternate-leaf dogwood.

Rough Leaf Dogwood -

If you touch the coarse hair on the leaves of this species, you will understand why it is called rough leaf dogwood. This species does well in shady spots.

Swedish Cornel -

It is a subshrub with white bracts and dark purple flowers. It commonly grows in moist areas. It is also referred as bog bunchberry, dwarf cornel, or bunchberry

Kousa Dogwood - 

A little deciduous tree or multi-stemmed shrub, the kousa dogwood is often referred to as a Chinese dogwood, Korean dogwood, or Japanese dogwood. It produces a plethora of pinkish-red berries and springtime yellowish-green blooms. Autumn hues range from purple to red

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