What are the meanings of 7 most popular Funeral Flowers

Discover the meanings behind the 7 most popular funeral flowers with Flowers And Flowers NC. From roses to lilies, our guide explores the symbolism and significance of these blooms, helping you choose the perfect floral tribute to honor your loved one.

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A funeral service is organized to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. Flowers have been the most sincere and time-honored way to pay respect and express condolences at the funeral of a loved one.


The most popular choice of flowers for a funeral is the lily and for all the right reasons. They're classic and peaceful. Lilies are often used to exemplify the restored virtue, integrity, and innocence of the deceased. Moreover, it is believed that the elegance and delicate beauty of these flowers is associated with the momentary nature of life. White lilies, especially, are the go-to funeral flowers. Raleigh florists explain that they symbolize the restoration of a loved one’s soul.


Roses are perfect for almost every occasion. Especially for funerals, roses are great as they signify love, respect, and admiration. A lot of funeral arrangements feature white roses because they are the epitome of purity, honor, and innocence. You may also go with classic red roses which represent love and respect. If you share a deep bond and friendship with the deceased, yellow roses are your best bet as they symbolize friendship and are one of the most popular funeral flowers out there.


Gladioli are slightly tall and truly elegant. They are used to add a dramatic touch to a funeral flower arrangement. These flowers represent virtue, honor, strength, and integrity. If the deceased gained a lot of respect and fame during their life, gladioli is the best way to pay tribute to them. They are the epitome of admiration, respect, and remembrance.


Chrysanthemums, or mums, are another popular choice for funeral flowers. In many cultures worldwide, these flowers are often used to symbolize the mortality of human beings and the ephemeral nature of life. Some cultures also consider white chrysanthemums to be the epitome of death. Thus, they are considered to be the perfect choice for funeral services and other ceremonies. Flowers-Raleigh offers the best funeral home delivery experience in town.


Carnations are one of the most versatile blooms as they can be used in a range of funeral flower arrangements. They are available in a variety of colors wherein every hue represents a unique meaning. For instance, red is used to symbolize love, while pink is used to symbolize remembrance. On the other hand, white carnations are a more popular choice for religious services because they are a symbol of purity and innocence.


Another popular choice for funeral flower arrangements is the iris. These flowers symbolize hope, faith, and wisdom. As funeral flowers, they instill a ray of hope and commemorate the journey of the deceased into their afterlife. The vibrant hues of the iris flower aim to express a sense of happiness and delight to the gloomy occasion.


The beauty of daisies is usually underestimated. They are undoubtedly one of the simplest blooms but this is what makes them a perfect choice for funerals. Daisies are a symbol of purity and innocence. They have a soothing effect on them which helps to provide much-needed comfort to the family of the deceased.

Every flower has a unique meaning and symbolism. Choosing the right flowers for a funeral service will help you convey the right emotions and create a memorable tribute to the life and legacy of your loved one. Flowers-Raleigh is the best flower shop in Raleigh NC offering online ordering. Try now!


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