5 Romantic Flowers for Valentine's Day

You can get flower delivery in Raleigh, if it's long distance, sending flowers for valentines day is the best option for you.

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Finding flowers for Valentine’s seems pretty straightforward, you can get a bunch of red roses from your local flower shop, you can get flower delivery in Raleigh, if it's long distance, sending flowers for valentines day is the best option for you. But if you want to change things up this time around you can get your loved one some fascinating flower bouquets. Roses always work when it comes to Valentine's day gift flowers. But there are a ton of other options for Romantic flowers for valentine's day.

Here are some innovative flowers for valentine's day from raleigh flowers

Modern Rose

Since roses come in a variety of shades, you can choose any from pinks to whites. But for this particular arrangement you should pick lavender colored roses. As surprising as it may sound, lavender roses are out there and they look magical. For this one of a kind bouquet you would need a dozen lavender roses, a hefty bunch of baby breaths and Hydrangeas, fresh pink Tulips, deep purple Carnations and green fillers. For a bouquet this special you would need an equally special vase, so put these flowers in a clear glass vase or a fancy one that you adore. You can get flowers delivered on valentine's day along with this beautiful arrangement.

Fuschia Lilies

You would see the color red around a lot when it comes to Valentine’s and to choose something else apart from red seems a tough choice. But you can always get a fresh burst of color with pinks and magenta. Flowers that you can use in this bouquet are Alstroemeria in shade purple or pink, some sweet looking daisies in pink, Aster, lilac stock, and lastly pink Asiatic lilies. These flowers are super easy to find and you can Shop flowers for valentines day from any local florist in Raleigh NC 27612.

Elegant Red Rose

No matter what day it is, red roses have always been a symbol of love and romance, and not to include them here would be an injustice. A bunch of fresh and bright red roses is a great pick, but you can go for a luxury flower arrangement with 100 long stem roses put together in a tall vase. You can also go with a box or a heart shape and fill it up with these red beauties. For valentine’s day you can also add chocolates or keep it as it is.

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Charming Carnations

For this simple yet charming bouquet you would need purple carnations which are fully bloomed and look like a poof ball full of wavy petals along with hot pink roses, lavender button poms and add to this green leaves.

Dreamy Daisies

Another enchanting flower arrangement is this sweet pastels with flowers like peach roses, lavender colored carnations, pink button poms, daisy poms, purple monte casino, pink daisies, filler flowers and greens.

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