Picking flowers that represent Friendship Day

Friendship Day is not far. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. So, have you planned gifts for your bestie? If not, then check out this list of flowers we have compiled. These flowers are the face of friendship day. Hence, a bunch of any of these flowers for your bestie will definitely be a good idea.

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1. Sunflower

    Sunshine yellow sunflowers represent friendship like no other flower. They symbolize loyalty and pure thoughts. You can send your bestie a bouquet of sunflowers nicely wrapped and tied with ribbons. Or, you can also send them a potted sunflower plant as a symbol of your friendship. Raleigh florists like Flowers & Flowers can offer you several sunflower bouquet options. Choose the best one for your best friend.

    2. Sweet Pea

      A sweet pea is a symbol of gratitude. So, on this friendship day, if you want to say thank you to your friend for being in your life, sweet pea is the perfect choice for you. Sweet pea flowers are extremely pretty. They come in different shades like red, blue, lavender, pink, white, etc. Also, the blooms spread a sweet scent wherever they go. You can pick a multicolored bunch of sweet pea flowers and send it to your friend via flower delivery by Raleigh flower shops.

      3. Rose

        Yellow roses are popular as friendship day flowers. They are fragrant and loved by everyone. A huge bouquet of fresh yellow roses can make anyone’s day. Yellow roses are a sign of joy and cheer. They symbolize the strong bond between people. Also, roses are easily available. You can get a variety of rose bouquets in different flower shops.

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        4. Tulip

          Tulips and elegance are synonymous. These blooms are available in different colors – from pink, yellow, and white to purple, every color has its own beauty. For friendship day, pink tulips are the best. They convey good wishes, admiration, and care. Pink tulips represent the bond of friendship. So, if you have an elegant bestie, give them a unique tulip bouquet. You can easily get friendship day flowers delivery in Raleigh NC.

          5. Daffodil

            Daffodils are amazing bright flowers. They make a perfect choice for friendship day. Yellow daffodils symbolize hope, good fortune, and spread positivity. Daffodils look great in a bouquet and they look good in a vase too. These early spring flowers are perfect to celebrate your friendship with your dear friends. So, without a second thought, pick a bouquet of daffodils and meet your friend to wish them a Happy Friendship Day.

            6. Campanula

              Among all the yellow beauties blue or purple Campanula may be a little offbeat as friendship day flowers. But these flowers represent friendship too. Also known as bell-flowers, Campanulas symbolize gratitude, constancy, and support. These enchanting flowers can brighten your friend’s day instantly. So, contact the best flower shop in Raleigh NC like Flowers & Flowers, and get a bunch of blue-purple Campanulas. Send them to your friend and thank us later!

              Besides all the flowers that we have listed, you can also pick your friend’s favorite flowers or favorite color flowers. Write a thoughtful note and get the fresh flowers delivered to their doorstep.


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