Top 5 Flower Trends to Watch Out For

Use this insight from local florists about the most recent trends in floral arrangements to develop ideas for your home or wedding decor.

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You may be thinking of working on a flower arrangement or starting a new garden. There are many varieties of houseplants and flowers you can choose from your local florist. You can use insight about the most recent trends to develop ideas for your home or wedding decor.

Vibrant Colors

One of the popular trends you are likely to see in the coming years is the use of vibrant hues. Today you will find bouquets with a kaleidoscope of flowers reminiscent of the colors from the 70s. The set of blossoms may consist of deep blue, purple, or yellow hues.

Local florists may combine distinct plant varieties to create an eclectic mix of flowers for a wedding wreath or bouquet. You can find bouquets with unusual plants such as cacti or a wreath with dry grass and flowers. The result is a bold and eye-catching piece of art.

Neutral Hues

In recent years, neutral shades have been a popular choice for modern interior designers. But flower shops are starting to see a trend towards more neutral tones as well. These hues complement modern furnishings and interiors and are also an ideal choice for house plants.

The most well-known soft tones that customers are demanding from local florists are blush, cream, and white. They are popular for bohemian and rustic decoration themes. Depending on the style, you can use greenery in place of flowers.

Modern Styling

Minimalist styling is another bouquet trend that has been gaining ground recently. To match modern themes, the bouquet is stripped-back to a basic yet elegant design. As such, florists are developing single-stem arrangements with only one or two blooms to highlight the piece.

The minimalist construction allows them to serve as accents or backdrops at wedding receptions. These arrangements are popular with marquee weddings but can work with modern or traditional themes.

Relaxing Fragrances

Why not complete your arrangement by adding flowers with delightful fragrances? You can include lavender, known for its fresh and soothing aroma. Jasmine is another sweet-scented option for a modern bouquet.

There are also a wide variety of roses with scents ranging from classic to hybrid. Not only are flower shops using fragrant flowers for bouquets, but they are becoming a popular choice for houseplants. The natural aroma can infuse an air of serenity into your home.

Sustainable Florists

Consumers are increasingly challenging flower shops to commit to ethical principles in the provision of their services. Surveys show that customers want products made through sustainable practices and without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

Consumers also want flowers and plants sourced from local producers. To support sustainable farming, flower shops are now recycling or repurposing things like containers and pots.

If you're looking to order a floral arrangement from your local florists for a special occasion, keep these trends in mind. They can help guide you in making a choice that you or those receiving your flowers will love.


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