How Florists Improve Our Lives (And Make Them Smell Better, Too)

Whether you want to gift flowers or buy them for yourself, contact Flowers and Flowers for the beautiful bouquets you need.

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Many times in life, it is often the simplest things that make the biggest difference. From watching a sunset to smelling a freshly brewed cup of coffee, the things that seem to improve our lives the most cost very little. If you've ever heard the phrase, "make sure you take time to stop and smell the roses" then you can probably gather where we're headed next. Perhaps it wasn't invented by florists, but it has everything to do with them.

Flowers, plants, and other living things (such as pets or companion animals) have been proven to add real value to our lives in terms of psychological and physical health. While some people may not have the time, energy, or money to care for things other than themselves, it is relatively easy to gift or receive flowers. Whether you know where the florists in your area live or decide to order online, you can't go wrong with flowers.

Flowers can be a wonderful addition into your life. Not only are they beautiful, but they have many positive effects upon the human psyche that should not be understated. By giving the gift of flowers, or simply picking up some for yourself, you'll be practicing a very simple and affordable version of self care that anyone can get behind. Here's why florists improve our lives:

Improvements In Mood and Health

Did you know that flowers can boost your mood and health? In a scientific study conducted by Park and Mattison, it was found that flowers (and other plants) placed in hospital rooms had a therapeutic effect on patients. Not only did they feel better with a more positive demeanor, but they also had lower recorded blood pressure, heart pulse rates, and anxiety levels. These patients recovered faster, required less medication, and reported that they were less fatigued with their hospital stay than other similar patients.

Say Hello to a Clear Head

Similar to the research done on patients in hospitals, a similar conclusion has also been found when flowers are located at workstations. Employees report having better cognitive performance overall, and some say that their creativity is jump started when plants are nearby. Additionally, offices tend to have humidifiers that make the air the ideal environment for flowers to grown or stay fresh in.

Floral Fragrances Curb Anxiety

Certain floral fragrances and flowers, such as lavender, have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels in most people. But even if you can't find lavender in stock at your flower shop, almost any flower is better than none. When people take time to sniff a beautiful arrangement of flowers and stare at their beauty, it is almost akin to meditation. Talk to your local florists about which options can boost your mood.

The Colors Spark Relaxation and Joy

Colors inspire shifts in the psychological states of people. We know, for example, that the color red tends to make us hungry, while blue relaxes us. When translated to flowers, people tend to report that yellow flowers trigger feeling of compassion or respect, orange flowers indicate happiness or joy, and pink symbolizes friendship. Whether these translate to your experience may vary, but these colors certainly have an effect on people.

Tending to Flowers Gives Us a Self Esteem Boost

From florists to doctors, everyone experiences ups and downs that can throw us for a loop. Yet, many people report that when they have flowers (even if it's a cut bouquet), tending to them gives them a little self-esteem boost and a sense of responsibility that we might not otherwise have. It is in these moments when we seem to have so little, that flowers can be a source of confidence. It becomes a time when, perhaps, it is necessary to stop and smell the roses.

Whether you want to gift flowers or buy them for yourself, contact Flowers and Flowers for the beautiful bouquets you need.


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