Best 5 reasons to send flowers in October

So, if you are planning to send some flowers this October, here are some reasons and occasions for you to do so.

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October is the beginning of fall, and the outside world is slowly transforming into a canopy of colors during this time. What can be a better way than to send some beautiful flowers this time to brighten up someone else’s day and make them cheerful. Although sending flowers can just be performed as a token of love, we humans are always on the trail of assertions and reasons. So, if you are planning to send some flowers this October, here are some reasons and occasions for you to do so:

1. Boss’s day (October 16th)

Well, at first, you may think that this is not a day that requires celebration or sending of flowers, but there is always a different side of the story. People tend to have a sour relation with their boss, but sometimes it is not the case. Our bosses are like our guardians in that field. They have more experience than us and guide us in every step. So, just like every guardian, they can always scold you for your betterment. Hence, to appreciate this guidance, sending a bouquet to our mentor can be the perfect option.

2. Sweetest day (October 19th)

This is not as famous as Valentine’s Day, but is surely a very significant day. Sweetest Day falls on the third Saturday of October and is a gesture of honor to all the sweet and good persons who make your life better and your days exciting. A bouquet of yellow flowers may be the best option to celebrate this sweetness, as yellow symbolizes friendship and love and is often used to describe deep friendship bonds. We have a great collection of various yellow flowers that could just be perfect for this day.

3. Mother-in-law day (October 27th)

4th Sunday of October is celebrated as mother-in-law day. Our mother-in-law is like our second mother, who embraces us with much love and respect. There is a general trend of a bad reputation with the in-laws, but their relationship is very jolly and vibrant and deserves celebration. Sending over a big bouquet of flowers can be a great sign of respect for them. Our experts recommend tulips or lilies for this occasion as they are not so fancy but beautiful at the same time, and also they represent gratitude and admiration. Need flowers to be gifted to someone urgently? You can easily choose our online flower delivery on the same-day and get selected flowers shipped to your loved ones’ addresses.

4. Halloween (October 31st)

This is the holiday everyone looks forward to every year. The trick and treat and decorating yourself in costumes are truly memorable events. Apart from decorating yourself, another aspect of Halloween is decorating your home. Flowers make a great decorating item and act as a great centerpiece. As Halloween has a sense of mysticism and horror attached to it, purple and black colored flowers will just match the night's vibe. Flowers such as orchids and roses are great for this occasion, and we offer you the freshest of flowers. You can also opt for birthday flowers delivery in Raleigh NC and send in to your loved ones on their special day.

5. Breast cancer awareness month

October is celebrated as breast cancer awareness day to honor all those who passed away due to this disease and respect those who have survived it. Cancer is a terminal device that not only affects your body but gives you mental trauma also. Flowers can be the perfect way to cheer up and motivate people, and also give them a sense of emotional support. You can go for many flowers, but some great options would be daisies, sunflowers, or roses as they are very bright and will surely lift their mood.

We don’t need a reason to celebrate life and send flowers or other gifts to people. Just make sure that you always stand beside your loved ones in this journey of life. You can explore all of Flowers Raleigh’s collections on our website.


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